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We have posted a lot of nativity scenes over the years, including:

Internet goes wild over dog nativity scene“; and

Top 10 hilarious nativity scenes of all time

The best and funniest nativity pictures from around the Internet

But here is one relevant to 2021. It is both creative and …
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Another controversial holiday for Christians? Or is it?

There are many good things and not so good things about Black Friday. For who doesn’t like a good bargain … even Christians.

There are however some good reasons that some Christians have expressed concern about the holiday including:

  • we automatically forget about Thanksgiving;
  • we can be …
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Is this not the perfect metaphor for the Christian life?

God, our heavenly father, the good Shepherd, sees us when we have gone astray, and rescues us from our own paths of destruction.

And then we go and do this.

Make sure you watch to the end, and let us know whether you …
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We love this picture and the message. It does in some small way invalidate the problem of dirty dishes, as sometimes they can be such hard work, getting to the end of the day with small children, or difficult teenagers, or being left alone to clean up after everyone. But …
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The pilot comes on the intercom mid-flight screaming “Mayday! Mayday! The plane is going to crash! Now listen up: there’s only four parachutes on this plane and five of us, so you guys decide who’s staying with the plane, but I’m jumping!” And with that, the pilot grabs a parachute and leaves the doomed plane.

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There is a famous meme known as the “Well that escalated quickly” meme. It originated from the movie Anchorman, where Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell, is commenting on a fight that he and his co-workers had with a rival news station earlier in the film. The phrase he actually used was “Boy, that escalated …
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Is this post political? Does posting something like this show that we support or don’t support the current President? Or support or don’t support the former President? Or the one before that?

We have posted things before about the American politics, and especially around the Presidential elections:

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