This was a genuine question that a non-Christian asked me recently. It was their view that Christians are judgemental. How would you respond?

Is it true? Are Christians more judgemental than the average population?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, as whether it is true or not, it certainly is how Christians are viewed by the outside world. If they are accurate that seems incredibly sad. If they are inaccurate about such a label, why is it so prevalent.

I think if Christians are honest with themselves, it does seem to be a very tempting sin to partake in. I am almost certain that all Christians would know their own heart on this issue, or perhaps easier to think of a few fellow believers who do seem do be very judgemental of others (both those within the church and those outside the church).

Do you have any advice or experience on the topic? Or perhaps you are willing to share a possible answer to the question?