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Whether ewe like baaaad puns or not, here are a collection of funny pictures and cartoons about sheep and the Bible. We think they’re funny and we hope you woolly woolly like them. If you do, why not show them to your friends or family? Who knows, they might be good for your relationsheep. (If …
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Here are thirty three of the world’s greatest and best known Kings. As you look through the list how many of them do you recognise? But more important than whether you know them, or like them, is your answer to this question – Which one do you worship? Read More

I will fear no evil

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There are many reasons why people don’t go to church, some good and some not so good. But the issue of sitting in church appears to be one of them. Not only what you sit on (uncomfortable pews, or chairs, or something else) but also where you sit, how you sit, and who you sit …
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