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Some of you will already know that today is International Star Wars day. But whether you knew it or not, here are 14 pictures to help you celebrate. They range from the theological wisdom of Yoda to funny church signs, and other hilarious memes about all things Star Wars. So, May the Fourth be with you (and …
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This picture is extraordinary for both its simplicity and its incredible depth. It explains theology to a modern generation. At no stage did Jesus tell his disciples that they must take up their phone and hashtag me. What he actually said was “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross …
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Perhaps you saw them, perhaps you didn’t. But here they are – the Top 5 most popular posts on our website for March 2017. Please enjoy (or enjoy again). God bless. Number 1 – DO YOU GO TO A CHURCH THAT PLAYS A COUNTDOWN PRIOR TO THE SERVICE BEGINNING?Read More

If you have ever been to Church, or had anything to do with Church, you will probably recognise some of these, if not all of these. They are funny because they are true. If you like them, why not leave a comment as to which one is your favourite, and please feel free to share with …
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Some of these are more passive than aggressive, while for others it’s quite the opposite. Some are funny, some are deliberate, but some just make me wonder what the non-Christians must think of the church? What do you think? Funny? Offensive? A good use of a church sign board? Have you seen others? Read More

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