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Christians Funny Pictures exists to provide you with at least one funny thing to look at each day. We see hundreds if not thousands of things that we could post, but select only the best for you to enjoy.

In doing so we aim to provoke laughter not offence.

But in doing so we know that the world is full of sin, death, immorality, idolatry, envy, anger, greed and judgement. We know that nations rage against each other, people plot in vain and kings and rulers (benevolent and otherwise) set themselves against the LORD. But what does God do about these plans? He laughs (Psalm 2).

While not seeking to minimise the seriousness and consequences of any of these things, the bible also says in the book of Ecclesiastes that there is a time for every matter under heaven, including a time to laugh (Ecc 3:4).

Whether this is the right time for you to laugh, we are hoping to produce more giggles than grief, to hear roars of laughter not howls of pain, and that you will chuckle, chortle, cackle, snigger or snort at least once while visiting us here at Christian Funny Pictures.

Thank you for visiting and hope you come back again one day, if not every day.

God Bless.

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