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You may or may not have heard the story of little Cleo Smith. She was a 4-year-old West Australian girl who was taken out of her tent while camping with her family. She was missing for 18 days. 

This morning, the Western Australia Police entered a house in a small town about an hour away …
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There have been thousands of sermons about the prodigal son, and the lost sheep and even the lost coin. But have you ever seen the funny side of his return. It must have been a time of great celebration, wonderful joy, but also a bit of surprise. Here is a lighter side look at Luke …
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It is hard not to laugh at this cartoon. It is clever and funny at the same time. I can imagine any kid who says Grace like this would be pretty amazing kid, not only because of his understanding of the old testament concept of burnt offerings, but also for including it in his nightly …
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No analogy is perfect, but for some reason I like this one. ‘That guy’ in Mario Kart is actually called ‘Lakitu’. He is there to pick you up when you fall in water or some other hazard. And he keeps doing it over and over.

But he is also …
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This picture has been around for a while, and is often entitled “PDF becomes 4th most popular religion”. This is both clever and funny, but also interesting. Google runs a search engine and it is well known that the same search can have different results based on your location, your search history, the time of …
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A race of aliens visits earth one day; they come in peace and surprisingly, they speak English.

Obviously all of the heads of government and religious leaders want to speak to the aliens so they set up a meeting with our new visitors.

When it’s the pope’s turn, he asks:

“Do you …
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