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Another controversial holiday for Christians? Or is it?

There are many good things and not so good things about Black Friday. For who doesn’t like a good bargain … even Christians.

There are however some good reasons that some Christians have expressed concern about the holiday including:

  • we automatically forget about Thanksgiving;
  • we can be …
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We are not here to tell Christians or non-Christians what to do. We are nothing more than a website that posts funny pictures and cartoons and articles to help and encourage people to laugh AS Christians, not AT Christians. We have been doing that for nearly 10 years. Lots of people like it. Lots of …
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You may or may not have heard the story of little Cleo Smith. She was a 4-year-old West Australian girl who was taken out of her tent while camping with her family. She was missing for 18 days. 

This morning, the Western Australia Police entered a house in a small town about an hour away …
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This picture has been around for a while, and is often entitled “PDF becomes 4th most popular religion”. This is both clever and funny, but also interesting. Google runs a search engine and it is well known that the same search can have different results based on your location, your search history, the time of …
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The Corona virus – a danger to your health, and a risk to your wealth, but as Christians, should we fear it? Should we be worried about it? I am not sure whether fear or worry is the right word, but my answer is generally yes and yes and here’s why: it will reveal your …
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Chicago, IL – After only three weeks enrolled in the year long Ecclesiastes course at Moody Theological College, local theological student Stephen Densmore has quit, stating that the whole thing was fundamentally meaningless. The announcement came via a public Facebook post to his friends, which has quickly gained hundreds of likes and shares, and numerous …
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Many of you will know the missing word in the title of this post. Many will not. So what is the answer? Is it that someone would lay down his ‘phone’ while talking to his friends? Or that someone would lay down the television remote for another person? Other possibilities include to lay down your …
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A few weeks ago I ran the Gold Coast marathon [in Queensland, Australia]. It was sort of fun, in a ‘falling down an up-escalator kind of way’, and I managed to escape with only a few aches and pains, unlike this guy who I saw along the way. Read More

Did you know that sheep are the most mentioned animal in the Bible? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, but it’s actually true – sheep and Shepherds are all throughout the Bible. The Lord is my shepherd; All we like sheep have gone astray; an angel appeared to the shepherds; the Lamb of God; and …
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