This picture has been around for a while, and is often entitled “PDF becomes 4th most popular religion”. This is both clever and funny, but also interesting. Google runs a search engine and it is well known that the same search can have different results based on your location, your search history, the time of the day etc etc.

For example, I ran the same search today from my part of the world, Sydney Australia and this is my google search result for “how do i convert to …”

I quite like my results in that I like not only ‘pdf’ but also ‘pdf meme’. However it is interesting given my computer and internet search history is full of Christian stuff, including lots of Christian Funny Pictures, that ‘islam’ and ‘muslim’ comes above ‘Christianity’ and ‘Orthodox Christianity”. Perhaps I am also a cheapskate given I have a result of converting to ‘pdf for free’.

What do you think?

And now before this post gets to serious, here is another Christian Funny Picture.