In a rather embarrassing turn of events a family that featured on an Atheist billboard turns out to be devout Christians.

The billboard in Colorado Springs features a mother and a daughter conversing via text messages, primarily about the daughter’s plans to skip church on Christmas.

Well, it turns out that they have a completely different opinion about Christmas than the Atheist group that ran the billboard, and both plan to be at church on Christmas day. Apparently about 5 or 6 years ago both woman agreed to pose for several stock photos to help out a friend. Those images then went online with other stock photos for anyone to buy and use for anything, which is exactly what American Atheists did for the billboard.

Read the full story here, or a similar story from Sydney Australia in 2015 where a local Atheist group put up a sign telling people about their sin and coming judgement (Atheist’s doing the Lord’s work)