What would you do if a local Atheist group put up a huge sign at a busy intersection telling people about sin and their need to be rescued from judgement?

Confused? Suspicious? Thankful?

Yesterday, that exact situation happened in Sydney, Australia. A secular group known as FIRIS, (Fairness in Religion in Schools), unveiled the following sign in their campaign against special religious education (a system that allows every Australian public school student to receive one hour of ‘SRE’ of their parent’s choice):

firis scripture sin judgment opt out now

(Original photo via David Clarke)

To make matters worse (for the Atheists that is), the quote that describes the traditional Christian view of sin and judgement is clearly readable, while from a distance the call to action “Opt out now!” is barely visible. Furthermore, one local minister, John Dickson said:

“Imagine all the people driving past this, giving it a glance. I predict some passersby will dismiss it as Christian advertising preaching the gospel at them, some may end up pondering their own sin and need of rescue (and may even think the little girl is praying for forgiveness!), and some will study it closely enough to realise this is meant to be a critique of Scripture in schools.”

The quote that is actually used on the sign is from a book by another local Minister, the Revered Michael Jensen, who upon seeing the billboard said:

“actually the verses from Genesis 50:20 came to mind: ‘You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives’.”

Their previous signs made much more sense (see below). The current ad appears about as logical as Pepsi paying for a Superbowl ad that claims Coke is much more refreshing, Taylor Swift tweeting about Nicky Minaj’s latest single, George Lucas appearing on a Star Trek commercial, or even Bill Clinton encouraging Donald Trump to run for President, oh hang on, …

Here we have atheists doing God’s work – absurd, confusing and laughable. The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways and in times like this, there’s only the only thing to do – Praise Him.

firis fairness in religion in schools jesus dinosaur heaven only knows what they are telling your child

firis god says you are stuck in sin need to be rescued from his judgement scripture