Chicago, IL – After only three weeks enrolled in the year long Ecclesiastes course at Moody Theological College, local theological student Stephen Densmore has quit, stating that the whole thing was fundamentally meaningless.

The announcement came via a public Facebook post to his friends, which has quickly gained hundreds of likes and shares, and numerous encouragement comments such as ‘Follow your heart’, ‘This is your season’, and even one stating “You go Stephen, a time to stand up, a time to speak out”

While it is not exactly clear what course Mr Densmore intends to pick up in order to meet the college requirements part of his announcement include a veiled criticism of the lecturer Dr Verity Goodword:

“I entered the course full of optimism, wanting to find out how I could use my work and wealth for the glory of God. Of course I was also particularly interested in how my pleasure and passions could be used for the plans and purposes of God.

But at the end of every topic we studied, and all the issues I poured my effort into, Dr Goodword told me that all my hard work was for nothing, and it just left me feeling, well, empty. Of course, there seemed to be a time for everything: a time for talking, and a time for listening, a time for writing and a time for blah blah blah.

The final straw was when I flicked through the course notes and near the end there was a whole class dedicated to Chapter 12 verse 12, namely ‘Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh’. Even though it was only week 3, I closed the book and thought, What’s the point of all this. If everything is meaningless in this course, then I’m not sitting here wasting my life any more. I took a stand, got up and walked out”.

Although there has been no official comment from the College, rumour has it, that Mr Densmore was strongly encouraged to be patient, as the latter part of the course would bring all the ‘plans and purposes of God’ together and focus on the whole duty of man. Sadly, Mr Densmore refused to listen, and has now lodged a formal complaint against the college.