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Archive: 2016

Get an afterlife!

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This is not so funny, but in our view quite powerful. Here is one of the longest serving monarchs in the world who is still following Jesus in doing small things with great love. What an faithful amazing example she is, namely in following the suffering servant, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Read More

What did Adam say on the day before Christmas? Merry Christmas, Eve. They do get better, but we hope that on this day before Christmas, you can have a laugh at these pictures and cartoons and share a bit of joy with your family and friends. God bless and thanks for all your support (via …
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Wow, this video was only posted a few days ago and it already has over a few million views. This band, or singing group, or whatever you want to call them, combines beautiful singing, amazing harmonies, and also aren’t shy about sharing their faith. We hope you enjoy this version of O Come, All Ye …
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