Christian Funny Pictures has as one of its main aims to laugh AS Christians not AT Christians. Any attempt to combine Christianity and comedy is usually met with great applause by those of us who humbly serve you, the visitors and readers of Christian Funny Pictures. We love the pictures, the cartoons, the comics, the jokes, the articles, and the videos. Yes some of them are hiliarious, some of them not so hilarious, some are a bit cheesy, or even what Jon Acuff calls a “Jesus Juke”. But we do try and we do want people to know that Christians can laugh, it’s not a sin.

But, and there is a big but coming up here, late last year at an Australian comedy festival there was an act entitled “Come Heckle Christ”. The title says it all really – an open invitation to mock the messiah of the world. Apart from being shocked and saddened by this, although I suppose it shows the similarities between the 1st century and 21st century, it got me thinking. Not so much about this particularly offensive attempt at humour, but more about the range of different possible responses and how Christians should respond. Here are 5 of them.

1. Do nothing. This is the easiest option and some claim the best way for Christians to respond. Biblical references that often get cited for this action are to turn the other cheek, etc

2. Complain. While the word itself has a negative connotation, it doesn’t necessairly have to be that way. Many people through action, emails, or phone calls can let the organisers of these types of shows know that people find this type of mocking hurtful, offensive, or however it makes them feel. Of course there is the other type of complaining which involves shouting, cursing, and causing offense in response to the offense, which may not necessaarily be all that helpful.

3. Protest. There are times I think when protesting may be a viable option. However, my own problem with protesting is that for so many other issues it is only the fringe of many organisations, groups, clubs, and politicial associations that go out and protest so protesting automatically is given less credibility by others.

4. Boycott. This doesn’t quite work if you weren’t planning on going to the comedy festival anyway, but if you were, and you combined this with a complaint letting the organisers know that you would have gone to one of the other events, but have decided not to go – hit them where it hurts (reminds me of luther quote, the last part of any man to get converted is the hip pocket.

5. Pray. There is never a bad time for this. Even Jesus said pray for those who persecute you.

What do you think? How should Christians respond to such open and deliberate mocking? How would you respond?