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Wow, this video was only posted a few days ago and it already has over a few million views. This band, or singing group, or whatever you want to call them, combines beautiful singing, amazing harmonies, and also aren’t shy about sharing their faith. We hope you enjoy this version of O Come, All Ye …
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Every now and then a video comes along that is so cute, and so adorable that it deserves to go viral. This is one of them. It is officially now our favourite version of O Holy Night, so much so that every time we hear the song we will unavoidably be picturing this amazingly cute …
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This is a reading of one of Jesus’ parables like you have never heard it before. It is the Parable of the Unmerciful servant from Matthew Chapter 18 verses 21 to 24. However it is told by some very cute kids in their own voice while some quite good adults act it out. What do …
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