The pilot comes on the intercom mid-flight screaming “Mayday! Mayday! The plane is going to crash! Now listen up: there’s only four parachutes on this plane and five of us, so you guys decide who’s staying with the plane, but I’m jumping!” And with that, the pilot grabs a parachute and leaves the doomed plane.

The doctor comes before the other passengers of the plane and says “As a doctor, I’ve used my medical skills to save hundreds of lives, and if I escape, I’ll be able to save hundreds more.” The rest of the passengers satisfied with his response, they let the doctor grab a parachute and leave the plane.

The lawyer, very disheveled, comes before the preacher and the boy and says “As a lawyer, I’ve used my legal knowledge to crack hundreds of cases and I’m probably the smartest man in the world, so I deserve to live!” Before the boy and the preacher can react, the lawyer grabs a parachute and jumps.

The preacher comes before the boy, getting on one knee and placing a hand on his shoulder. “Son,” he begins, “as a preacher, I’ve lived a long and dutiful life in service to the Lord, and I have no doubt that when this plane crashes, I’ll be taking my place at my Father’s table. You have your entire life ahead of you, so you take the last parachute and go.”

Unfazed, the kid hands the preacher a parachute and says “Don’t worry, take this one: the smartest man in the world just jumped out with my backpack!”