A few weeks ago we posted this picture on our Facebook page.


Well who knew we would receive so many comments that were so honest, refreshing, funny and ultimately embarrassing. Here are our favourites

Number 8 – Marianne wrote “My 5-year-old was to sing a solo at the adult Christmas service — “Away in the Manger”. When his turn came, he walked to the front, picked up the microphone the minister had set off to the side, flipped the switch and said, “Testing, 1,2”, then nodded his head at the pianist and said, “Hit it!”

Number 7 – Mary commented “Vicar made an announcement about the church fete… my son shouted out “the fete worse than death”

Number 6 – Kristen stated “My brother was in the christmas program singing silent night and started dancing to gangnam style during it in front of everyone on stage”

Number 5 – Peggy said “One Sunday we didn’t make it to Sunday School & had 4 offering envelopes… We gave them to my 6 yr old Grandson to put in the offering plate during church service and very loudly He said “I’m paying for everybody today”!!!!!

Number 4 – Jarrod commented “Few years ago my niece give the preacher a couple of dollars after service. When he asked what it was for my little niece replied “my uncle J.J. said you was the poorest preacher he ever heard!” I was soooo embarrassed! Lol”

Number 3 – April stated “During the kids Christmas program, my youngest son decided to flip his brother the bird from the stage.”

Number 2 – Abbie wrote “When my husband was little, his mom asked him to dress himself for church. A while later he got in the car with a jacket on, but when he got to church took the jacket off and paraded down the isle in his mom’s sexy brassiere. I don’t think they ever went back.”

And (drum roll please) here is our absolute favourite from Catherine

Number 1 – “As we left church, shaking the pastors hand, my 6 year old son was singing “I like my women just a little on the trashy side”…from that day on, we listened to Christian music in the car!!!

Do you know of others? Please feel free to keep commenting and sharing.