And God said ‘Let there be a Bible study series on laughter’, and there was. Well at least the beginning of one. Starting today. And where better to start than a place in the Bible, perhaps the only place, where God himself laughs. You read that correctly, it says it right in the Bible – God laughs.
While the idea of God laughing is as difficult for some people to understand as modern art, or Bitcoin, or the real meaning of ‘bae’, or the Higgs Boson particle, it really does say it in the Bible.
But what is it that He is laughing at? How does he laugh? And why is he laughing?
If you haven’t already, it would be useful to read the Psalm in full – it doesn’t take that long and can be found here(the English Standard Version) or here (the New International Version).
Before we get to verse 4, (where God laughs), it is useful to look at the lead up verses.
The nations have rebelled against God. Sounds familiar. The kings, the rulers, and the people in power have decided to join forces and set themselves up against the Lord. Also sounds familiar. People are sinful: people in power are no different.
But what is God’s reaction to these earthly powers setting themselves up against Him?
Is he afraid or confused or depressed or nervous? Does he call for back up? Does he pace back and forth in Heaven? Is he concerned that the most powerful earthly leaders are joining together and plotting to overthrow his rule?
Nope. None of the above. God laughs. He looks at the way these kings and rulers plot against Him and laughs. He isn’t worried. He isn’t concerned. He doesn’t even get up from where he is sitting (the Heavenly throne). He simply laughs at these human imbeciles, like when a two year old declares war on his parents, or someone who won’t stop shaking their fist at the sky because they don’t like the colour blue. It is irrational. It is absurd. God simply laughs in derision over the foolish plans of man.
Perhaps the picture you had in mind of God laughing was a bit more humorous than this – maybe a great Pearly Gates joke, a giggle over one of Adam’s top ten pick up lines for Eve, or even God having a chuckle over some new and clever YouTube video. You don’t expect someone full of love and compassion to laugh in the face of wicked people. But if you think about it, it is what you expect from someone in complete control, someone who has a plan, and someone who loves righteousness.
God does and will laugh in the face of any proud or boastful or violent person who seeks to prevent His will being carried out. He will not let such people overtake or overthrow his predetermined course of actions.
Are you a powerful ruler trying to set yourself up against God? Or are you simply someone making feeble attempts to run your own life – Either way God finds this funny. 
Don’t be the one who makes God laugh. Serve the Lord in fear. Seek refuge in Him.