Christian Funny Pictures takes laughing seriously. But we also take the Bible seriously. Which is why we are very excited to announce a new series, a new section, a new idea for our site – a Bible study on laughter.

Each week from now until Christmas we are planning on writing a short article on a verse or a passage from the Bible that relates to our aim of laughing AS Christians not AT Christians. (Keep reading to find out how you can get involved).

As many of you will know, Christian Funny Pictures has been bringing good clean Christian comedy to the Internet for more than two years now. While we accept the world is tainted by sin and the consequences of sin, by posting a funny Christian picture, photograph, cartoon, joke or video we have tried to bring a smile, or in some cases lots of smiles, to a sad and broken world.

There is no need to worry because we are going to continue to do that, but from next week, and each week after that, we are also going to post a funny article based on a verse or passage from the Bible (not funny in the sense of odd or unbelievable, but funny in the sense of humorous and perhaps even thought-provoking). There is plenty to choose from, as my Bible contains the word laugh more than 40 times and there is even one Bible character who’s name actually means ‘He laughs’ (Leave a comment below if you know who I am talking about).

The very first post will be posted next week and is on Psalm 2. I have chosen this passage as it one of the very few places in the Bible where God himself laughs. That’s right it says it in the Bible – God laughs. While it may not be what you are expecting, we are going to write a short article on what this phrase means both in its context and otherwise.

We are telling you all this, because it is often said that if you make your goals public you will more likely be able to achieve them (whether this is because of extra personal motivation, some degree of support and encouragement from others, or even just to avoid the embarrassment of saying you’ll do something and then not doing it).

But we are also telling you for three very important reasons:

Firstly, please hold us to account. Please encourage and support us to get stuck into God’s words together for the purpose of encouraging and edifying others in their Christian walk. (Please also Like, Tweet and Share this with anyone else who you think might be interested)

Secondly, we are looking for other verses and passages to write on. Please, please, please, if you know of another verse that talks about laughter or contains something funny from the Bible let us know in the comments below.

Thirdly, and even better than the first two, why not write for us. For anybody who thinks this is a great idea (or is even mildly interested) and would like to write an article themselves this is our criteria

1. Choose a verse or passage from the Bible that either quotes laughter, or relates to something funny.
2. Write between 200 and 500 words (it must be original and not already posted somewhere else on the Internet or otherwise)
3. Send to christianfunnypictures AT gmail DOT com.

While there may be some small editing required, we will then post it on our site with appropriate reference and links to your website, blog, or anything else you want us to highlight (We will also post the link to our 30,000 Facebook fans and 80,000 Twitter followers, which would be great exposure for anyone trying to get a blog or website up and running).

So what do you say? Are you willing to support, suggest or write an article for our Bible study on Laughter? Or are you able to Like, Tweet or Share this idea with someone who might be interested?