I think this is hilarious. A group of 20 amateur Chocolatier students were asked who they would like to make out of chocolate, and do you know who they picked? That’s right – Pope Francis. Which is why we now have this fantastic photograph of the real Pope meeting the chocolate Pope.

In my view it is just begging for a caption competition so to get you started here are a few frontrunners from Christian Funny Picture’s Twitter account.
1.    And I just got through eating all my Easter eggs from last year.
2.    Vaticandy
3.    Nigra sum sed Formosa (I am black, but beautiful)
4.    I’m gonna need to go to confession after this.
5.    Francis, I am your father.
6.    And I was hoping to give up chocolate for Lent.

Any suggestions for another caption? Care to vote on one already listed?

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